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Jane offers a suite for Wendy and her husband at the Marbella, to try and bring that romance back into their marriage.

After the workshop, Amanda asks Jane if she’d like to share her work next session. Amanda makes reference that the problem isn’t where you think it is, it’s further back.

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The next morning Jane makes it a point to make things better with everyone.

She gives Wendy her apology of all the good things she found in the story.

Turns out, the story was about Wendy’s own marriage, which has no romance or passion.

That’s why she took it to heart when she read Jane’s comments.

He leaves behind his dog, Diablo, which Rafael and Petra are forced to take care of. Rafael gets called away and Petra is forced to watch the Diablo alone. Jane finally feels unblocked after getting that off of her chest.

Jane is in Rafael’s suite with a candle lit dinner and blasting Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer,” since it is Rafael’s favorite song. Petra and Rafael are having a heart to heart when the Diablo runs out of the room and into and elevator. Petra finds Diablo just in time for David’s assistant to pick up the dog.

Turns out Diablo wasn’t David’s dog at all—it was the assistant’s dog. Rogelio makes mention of Jane declining Rafael’s proposal. He tries to ask more about the proposal, but Tony Vaughn is seen leaving the house. Jane and Xiomara are at Calle Ocho as well, but no Abuela.

What were your top stories of 2014, The Media Online’s publisher, Sandra Gordon, asked? For online media, that is a simple question to answer. Read more The Master of the High Court in Cape Town has authorised a warrant for the arrest of Anthony (Tony) Vaughan, director of Media Nova and various other publishing companies. Read more The unravelling of publisher Media Nova, which went into liquidation in April, has impacted on more than staff members left high and dry without being paid.

A week earlier she told Abuela that she was moving in with Rogelio, and Abuela was totally fine with it. She thought Xiomara was kidding about them moving in together.

They get into a heated argument, with Jane trying to be the calm in the middle of the storm.

Abuela storms off after telling Xiomara that she’ll come crawling back after one month.

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