Dating someone disabled child

I’ve been of good character and raised money for charities and I do good for the community.

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The charge carries a possible prison term of 14 years.

The 70-year-old, who is originally from the UK, was today denied bail after gardai raised concerns about the seriousness of the charge and that he was a flight risk with no ties to the State.

The court heard that when charged, he replied: “nothing to say, need to speak to my solicitor.”Inspector Tom Calvey told Castlebar District Court that he believed there would be further charges in the case.

The accused addressed the court, informing Judge Devins he would provide a surety, surrender his passport and sign on as required.

“My wife is disabled, I’ve looked after her since 2002.

We’re very happy here, we have a property, a little farm, we have dogs.

She’s in a medical facility now because of this incident,” he said.“Everybody knows us.

The defendant appeared in court this morning dressed in a blue raincoat, red and white striped shirt and dark trousers.

The court heard he had lived in Ireland since 2002 and was the sole carer for his disabled wife who is wheelchair bound.


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