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We only find Rajnya as the term alternatively used for it (Bhagwad Gita is emaciated form of hidden knowledge—Gope—which has its root in Shiva). of India, Delhi)Divakar Singh Yadav ( Young Scientist Award 2003 by Govt of UP, Commonwealth Fellow, UK, Writer of best seller book on Information Technology published by New Age (formerly Willey Eastern, Professor of Computer Science, Lucknow ))Sajjan Singh Yadava, I.

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Yadavas were possessors of great mystical knowledge is confirmed in Bhagvad Gita itself which says same knowledge was given to Manu (first man on earth), Surya and Ikshavaku (ancestor of Lord Rama) at very ancient time.

It is believed Abhira were the link between eastern and western religions.

There are compelling proofs of both mauryan and Guptas being Abhirs.3) The Kshatriya religion was propounded by Krishna, and no reference is found before him.

Yadav (Sanskrit: यादव) is a Indian caste which is referred to in ancient Dharmic scriptures.

They are among the few surviving ancient Aryan kshatriya clans known as panchjanya.

Yadavas are the descendants of Royal born vedic kshatriya clan of Yadu (eldest son of Emperor Yayati). Abhira are assumed to be different from ancient Yadavas.

Major Yadav clans Major Yadav clans currently include: Krishnauth (claiming direct lineage from Lord Shri Krishna)Manjrauth Gaur (also called Goriya, and mentioned in the Mahabharatha)Ahirs (variously called Ahira and Abhira) are divided into three clans called Khanap: Nandavanshi (Descendants of Nanda}Gwalvanshi (Descendants of Holy Gwals)Dhangars (in Maharashtra and Karnataka) are divided into 32 clans Yadavas,gollas, Bhatrajus and Kurubas (in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka)Konars (in Tamilnadu and Kerala)Maniyani (in Kerala)Sadgops (in Bengal)Behera, Pradhans in Orissa According to Dharmic mythology, Yadvas are the descendants of Yadu, the eldest son of king Yayati who was banished from ruling by his father because he refused to fulfill Yayati's wishes and became a rebel. For example, 'Gope' means mystique stemming from Shiva (also called Gopeshwar or lord of mysticism) and emulated in Bhagavad Gita. Linkage is obscure and views vary from scholar to scholar.

Yadu and his descendants started ruling in places that are assumed to be referred to in the scriptures as Jambudvipa. Term was used for cowherds initially but has been extended to include Yaduvanshi and Nandavanshis too by its corrupt version Ahir.

Abhira means fearless and have got most ancient historical references dating back to the Abhira kingdom of the Saraswati Valley who spoke Abhiri till buddhist period.1)Analysis of scriptural references of Abhira Kingdoms has tempted some scholars to conclude that it was merely a term used for Holy Yadava Kingdoms.


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