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The only chance I had to show my personality was my music. Nothing really worked well; and I was pretty closed off.

Now with skin that is smooth and flawless, she encounters the world fearlessly. To spread her message she has joined forces with the American Academy of Dermatology and National Psoriasis Foundation (NPF) to raise awareness of psoriasis and encourage sufferers to talk to their dermatologist about the effect that the disease has on their lives both physically and emotionally.

I have been clear for about four and a half years, and I want to tell people there is hope. The nationwide awareness campaign Stop Hiding from Psoriasis may help people find hope, says Le Ann.

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** Originally posted by cordiod ** Not necessarily tied in with the Advocacy portion of Le Ann's work with the Psoriasis Foundation, but this article was in the latest issue of Medi Zine's Health Living: Le Ann Rimes: "How Do I Live With Psoriasis?

" Country music superstar Le Ann Rimes talks about her life with psoriasis---and how good she feels today By Kalia Doner Winter 2008 When Le Ann Rimes walks into a room, a kind of serene glow emanates from her, making her seem both younger and older than her 26 years.

She is sweet, and a touch toughened, not just by life on the road (after all, you have to go through a lot of times good and bad to sell more than 20 million records) but also by her experiences with psoriasis.

I have a big personality and I love being around people, but as a child I didnt want to do normal kid stuff because of the psoriasis, she recalls.

Today she does breathing exercises and yoga regularly. I think in the past five or six years Le Ann has come into her own and is not afraid of meeting challenges head on. This is especially true among respondents with very severe disease (70 percent).

I found out what stresses me and I work to defuse those things, because they can cause flares. Another recent survey of the public found: The majority of American adults admit they become uncomfortable around individuals with psoriasis, particularly when touching or shaking their hand (52 percent) or accepting a date (50 percent).If diagnosed with psoriasis, adults responded they would be uncomfortable doing many everyday activities such as wearing clothes that reveal their skin (82 percent) or being intimate with others (80 percent).Fortunately, now I no longer let psoriasis define who I am or how I feel about myself.I hope by joining this effort and sharing my story, others will be empowered to stop hiding from their psoriasis and better manage their disease and not let it limit them or their aspirations.One of the lessons that Le Ann wants to share with others suffering from psoriasis is the importance of making changes in your lifestyle, along with working to find the most effective medical treatment. Le Anns doctor for the past 15 years, Nashville dermatologist Michael Zanolli, M. I just want people to know that they can reach out and get help that works. A national NPF survey found that: Half of respondents report that psoriasis affects their self-esteem (57 percent) and the way they view themselves (46 percent).I want to be in control of my whole life, not just my psoriasis and my treatment, she explains. D., has seen Le Ann blossom as her psoriasis became controlled. More than half agree that their psoriasis leads others to stare (61 percent) or think their condition is contagious (56 percent).


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