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I'm not obligated to do ANYTHING for ANYONE and I'll do as I wish with my work.- For the last time, about Kuat Drive Yards: you can do it from level 15, the opening scene will be diferent depending on which level you get the quest. SWTOR is awesome and KOTFE will be amazing, I'm sure of it! BUT, you might as well wait until around end of 2015 because a new expansoin "Fallen Empire" is coming right after current 3.2 Rise of the Emperor... For someone who's 55 a few times over, this is a really good chart!!

It's still officially a Level 55 instance and was officially released after the Dread War on Oricon.

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Calc will advance each new cell to the first of the following month.

With two previous cells, the next cells will have the same increment as the difference between the two cells.

With one previous cell, you can choose between an increment of one or zero using the control key.

It took me 5 hours to do it first and I still update it with the new planets. Well, what I'm trying to say is that I worked really hard on it, so please, if you use it, give me some credit... Update 3: Couldn't wait until Forged Alliances arc finished to update the chart, so I'll be putting more planets as they show up! I've been receiving some rude messages, so I'll put some things straight:- I don't wanna hear about how your awesome site is and how lucky I'll be if I let you use my work. I only ask that you link it back to this page and don't claim you made it.- There's a difference between making constructive suggestions and acting like you're my boss or something. I've made this chart to help people like me that love Bioware storylines and want to play the game at it's fullest. so it really depends, and in this case, i'm putting it where it starts - meaning the level you can start doing the quest.i'm working on a new version with more details, including the starting level of the tactical flashpoints.

That said, I do not feel like making a chart for Ko TFE - I appreciate the support and positive comments, but it's a lot of work and it's not worth of the annoyance I've been having. if you do it 55, kilran's demise will be mentioned instead.

All the tactical flashpoints, operations, and Rakata Prime, ending the Forged Alliances arc. Ko TFE is coming and it will be so different story-wise that I see no point on mixing it together with the old stuff. if you start it 15-54 the treaty of coruscant is mentioned during the quest dialogue. Reworked all the lines, added starting levels to flashpoints, added Shadow of Revan locations, flashpoints and operations. Also, someone suggested some time ago to add the actual time period of each chapter, and I was quite surprised to see that Ro THC (with all that Dread Master business) and So R both happen in the same year. UPDATE 6: This will be the LAST UPDATE I'll make to this chart. Basically, KDY needs to be put inbetween Oricon and Korriban Incursion / Attack on can still do KDY on level 15.In Excel, I could swipe two previous cells in a column and the date would progress to the next month or week, etc, whatever the progression of those two cells was.Or I could select a cell with a calendar date previously entered, drag it down the column, and with a right click I'd have choices to progress to subsequent date intervals such as daily, weekly, or monthly. When I highlight and drag a cell down a column, it will only progress by days with no options for other intervals.I need monthly intervals for billing purposes; how do I accomplish this w/o manually entering each month's date? For anything other than single days, you have to get the pattern started.For a monthly series: enter 2014-01-01 in one cell, 2014-02-01 in the cell below; select both then drag the fill handle down.


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