Dating nigerian single mothers

I often stumble across statuses, discussions and memes that are completely backward and mean-spirited. We don’t know that these children were birthed by this woman. That might be a stretch for some of you but the point is, it doesn’t matter. But there are times, particularly when I’m on Facebook, that I realize the place can be so judgmental and close-minded.

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They’re just children, some of them old enough to suffer the consequences of a social media post gone viral.

And then there’s the comparison aspect of the meme. It harkens to R Kelly’s “You remind me of my jeep.” I used to sing that song back in the ’90’s before I knew any better.

But now that I do, it’s amazing that the song was so readily accepted.

A woman likened to a car, a piece of property that depreciates in value as time passes?

That song and this meme prove that society’s consideration of women has not progressed nearly as far as it should have.

It’s absolutely tragic that a woman’s worth as a person is reduced down to her vagina.While the meme may seem innocuous, it only serves to perpetuate some of the more cliche and detrimental ideologies about women.Is it really any of our business or reason to make a meme?I find it shocking that people haven’t learned their lesson about using real children just to get a cheap laugh.No matter how these children came into the world, it wasn’t by their design or choosing.And as such, they shouldn’t become the butt of a cruel joke when they are not responsible.


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