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And in turn this phenomena triggered the birth of the mail order bride industry that became huge in the late 90s and was going strong till the late 2000s. In fact, there are very few Russian women who would want to leave Russia and even fewer Russian women who would actively seek a foreign man for marriage.

However a number of women will be open to a relationship with, and marriage to a foreigner if she genuinely finds him attractive and falls in love with him.

These are the Russian women definitely worth pursuing!

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In those days quite a few were using Western men as a mule to get them out of Russia and bring them to a Western country.

They became known as “GCG” (Green Card Girls) and most of these Russian women divorced their husbands as soon as they became legal residents in their new country.


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  4. more The horrific details of a Washington nurse’s killing and dismemberment, which authorities blame on a man she met online, have fueled concern over the dangers of Internet dating.

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