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He is King of the gods and a god of oracles -- especially in the sacred oak at Dodona.

In the story of the Trojan War, Zeus, as a judge, listens to the claims of other gods in support of their side. He remains neutral most of the time, allowing his son Sarpedon to die and glorifying his favorite, Hector.

Etymology of Zeus and Jupiter The root of both "Zeus" and "Jupiter" is in a proto-Indo-European word for the often personified concepts of "day/light/sky".

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Dating games greek

His other attributes include scepter, eagle, cornucopia, aegis, ram, and lion.

The cornucopia or (goat) horn of plenty comes from the story of his Zeus' infancy when he was nursed by Amalthea.

Powers of Zeus Zeus is a sky god with control over weather, especially of rain and lightning.

He is also credited as the father of Greek heroes and the ancestor of many other Greeks.

Zeus mated with many mortals and goddesses but is married to his sister Hera (Juno). He is the brother of his wife Hera, his other sisters Demeter and Hestia, and his brothers Hades, Poseidon.

Roman Equivalent: The Roman name for Zeus is Jupiter and sometimes Jove.Jupiter is thought to be made up of a Proto-Indoeuropean word for god, , like Zeus + Pater.The Greek god Zeus was the top Olympian god in the Greek pantheon.After he took credit for rescuing his brothers and sisters from their father Cronus, Zeus became king of heaven and gave his brothers, Poseidon and Hades, the sea and the underworld, respectively, for their domains.Zeus was the husband of Hera, but he had many affairs with other goddesses, mortal women, and female animals. A sky god, he controls lightning, which he uses as a weapon, and thunder.Zeus mated with, among others, Aegina, Alcmena, Calliope, Cassiopea, Demeter, Dione, Europa, Io, Leda, Leto, Mnemosyne, Niobe, and Semele. He is king on Mount Olympus, the home of the Greek gods.

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