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Nikitina said she lived in Arkhangelsk, which is near Severodvinsk and far from any other major cities. The following two photos of Natalia Nikitina were attached.

Since I had never had any contact with anyone in that part of the world, except for mailing a letter to Natalia Minina, I assumed that the explanation was that Natalia Minina was not interested in me, but she had passed my letter on to the "North Beauty Agency" from which this message originated.

I replied to Natalia Nikitina care of the agency's email address.

Mitina and Domashneva have used the following bogus agency names: Club Alina, North West Club, North Beauty, 1st Line of Love (, East Club (, Amazing Brides (ru), Amazing Bride - International Dating Club and maybe: Severyanochka Ladies Personals, Elite Dating agency More recent scam letters sent by Ludmila Domashneva have used the names: Julia Alipatova Anastasia Lopaskina Daria Romanova Around April, 2000 I wrote to a number of women in eastern Europe whose addresses I got from an agency on the internet.

One of these was Natalia Minina in Severodvinsk, Russia.

I did not write to anyone else within hundreds of miles. On December 23, 2000 I received a letter by email from Natalia Nikitina.

The letter was in the form of two GIF files of a scan of a hand-written letter.


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