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‘But she doesn’t accept it and still believes he is her husband.‘She’s very naive in lots of ways and needs lots of help to get through this.

She’s been treated very badly and she’s stuck with four kids in a two-bedroom house.

She tells people that Sayeeda has taken her husband away.

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‘Massarat told me that she received papers through the post but she didn’t understand what they said,’ said Ghafar, a traffic policeman.

‘They were served at her home address and her son took them and said, “Mum, this is for you.” But she thought it was just a bill or something.‘When more papers came through, she showed them to family and friends and they all told her not to worry about it.

But when she showed them to me, I was shocked and told her they were divorce papers.’Yesterday, Baroness Warsi’s first husband, Naeem, inflamed the row when he said that Mr Azam’s treatment of Massarat was ‘common knowledge’ in the local community.‘It is well known that Iftikhar sent Massarat divorce papers but obviously her English is not good at all, so she found out about the divorce plans only after showing them to people,’ said Naeem.

One of David Cameron’s rising frontbench stars was dragged into an embarrassing row last night over the treatment of the Muslim ex-wife of her new husband.

Baroness Sayeeda Warsi, the Shadow Community Cohesion Minister, was accused of ‘stealing’ the husband of a vulnerable Pakistani whose grasp of English is so poor that she did not realise she was being divorced.

Three weeks after Baroness Warsi’s marriage to Iftikhar Azam, members of his former wife’s family have claimed that she realised that Mr Azam had dissolved their 18-year marriage only when relatives read the decree nisi – which she had originally believed to be a domestic bill.

The allegations are particularly awkward for Mr Cameron because Baroness Warsi has been heavily promoted as the multicultural face of the new Tory Party.

A frequent guest on BBC1’s Question Time, she has been a high-profile champion of Muslim women’s rights and was recently voted the country’s most powerful female Muslim.

The marriage to Mr Azam, 36, her second, took place on August 20 in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire, where the 38-year-old Baroness unsuccessfully fought the 2005 General Election.

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