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A new study found that married couples who were shown pictures of attractive people found that if the married person were told the pictured individual was single they found that person less attractive than if they were told the pictured person was married. Why is it, then, that you still make the wrong choice on occassion in your marriage? Entering retirement is a big life change: you have a lot of free time, you have more time to spend with your spouse, you might have different aspirations. Karen Sherman explains how you and your spouse can thrive during this transition. The study was published in If you are a regular listener, you probably know what we're going to say much of the time. For more information on the workshop visit: frequently discuss how talking about marriage problems with friends and family is taboo, but this week we tackle the subject head-on with advice on how to break that taboo. Text 33444 and type in "bettersex" to get your free handout. Noelle Nelson joins us this week to discuss her new book "Happy Healthy . Brene Brown, which focuses on the power of vulnerability and empathy; what "wholehearted living" means; Rising Strong Workshops and more. For more information visit Men and women have biological differences when it comes to their sexual needs. Rebecca Jorgensen offers tips and information that couples can implement tonight.

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Don't be surprised to find relationship dating advice on a wedding website; after all, we know a lot about love, and dating is the means to getting there.

This is where you'll find the touching (and encouraging) stories of couples who swiped right and found true love on dating apps—we've got tips on how you can, too.

(Our favorite bit of wisdom: Think of your profile as a first date.) And don't miss the recent survey on online dating that gives some surprising results, such as the percentage of people who've used online dating but haven't actually taken the leap and gone on a date with someone they met on one of the dating sites.

If you're ready to give up on casual relationships for something more serious, we'll tell you the trite things that should never be dating deal breakers, just in case you need to hear it.

Because for every good date, you've probably had a bad one, find out why those less-than-stellar dates happen (it's not your fault!

) and whether or not you should stalk him on social media before going on a date.

We even asked couples in successful relationships—some dating, some married—to weigh in with their personal words of advice on relationship issues.

EDITORS NOTE: Some of our podcast episodes are currently unavailable as we do maintenance on our podcast channel to make improvements. Sometimes just saying, "I'm Sorry" isn't enough to smooth over the harsh terrain that was created by an error in the past. Michelle Gannon and Sam Jinich explain how to deliver a heartfelt and effective apology. You are two different people with two backgrounds and your own thoughts, feelings and ideas. We can connect with our spouse (and others) through the use of techonogy in more ways than ever before. Karen Sherman and Hitched editor, Steve Cooper, discuss how these new communication tools are being used and what that means for your marriage. A listener wrote-in asking for advice on how to get her wife to have more sex. Karen Sherman offers a ton of insight on why this might not be a sex issue at all, and what our listener can do about it.

A new study reveals that those who don't have big expectations for their marriage are happier than those who have high expectations, but fail to reach those goals. It can be difficult to find common ground sometimes. Karen Sherman explains how couples can effectively compromise. A listener wonders why she and her husband are in a cylce of sending loving and thoughtful text messages throughout the day only to have arguments when they're face to face, following by apology texts the next morning to repeat the cycle. There are certain times when your spouse can use an extra helping hand (like the holidays), but offering your help and getting your spouse to accept the help can sometimes be difficult. Karen Sherman shares tips on how you can lend your support. Karen Sherman offers fresh information to help with these frustrating situations. A new British study discusses the top reasons couples are unhappy in their marriages. Karen Sherman offers tips and advice on how couples can overcome these issues. Karen Sherman discusses the new data and what it says about modern marriages. Sam Jinich, leaders of Hold Me Tight Workshops in San Francisco and in the Bay Area, discuss what couples can expect at the workshops, what they're all about, how they began and more.

Hopefully you strive to grow and improve throughout your life. You might not think birthdays or anniversaries or even Valentine's Day is an important occassion, but they might provide just the spark your marriage needs. Karen Sherman offers tips and explanations on how to get the most out of them. Just because you are no longer married to your ex doesn't mean that circumstances can't change and your feelings might return. Karen Sherman shares advice on how to handle these feelings and how to interact with your current spouse. Noelle Nelson offers tips on how you and your spouse can take control over your responses when things don't go your way. Blogger Anthony D'Ambrosio recently posted a column titled, "5 Reasons Marriages Just Don't Work Anymore." Hitched Editor, Steve Cooper, and Dr. And we have a serious question for helicopter parents! We know that men and women are biologically different, but we're also wired different, mentally. Warren and Betsy were facing a rocky marriage when they decided they would commit to each other, sell everything, and then travel the world.

So how do you set goals in life life or within your marriage and make them stick? You know what you know, but you find yourself in a conversation with someone else who denies the truth. A hurtful thing will happen in your marriage, it just will. It can be tricky dealing with your own emotions and with other family members when you didn't have a positive relationship with a family member who has passed. Karen shares her very personal story and offers lots of terrific advice. Karen Sherman and editor Steve Cooper tackle the big topic of how to fix marriage. Karen Sherman discuss why this viral column is so off base. It's one thing if you think your spouse is cheating, it's another thing if you've been doing work and recovering from an affair and you're suspicious they're doing it again. There are many lessons that have been learned through evolution and Dr. This week they tell us about a border bribe, losing an enormous amount of weight and a glimpse of their emotional journey. Married With Luggage: What We Learned About Love by Traveling the World Warren and Betsy were facing a rocky marriage when they decided they would commit to each other, sell everything, and then travel the world.

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