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I dated her while I attended an all-girls boarding school when I was 13. They’ve always been open-minded and supportive, but they said that I was too young to know if I was a lesbian. It made me realize he was good to me, and had made my happiness a priority over his own.

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A few years later I found out that he had been lying to me, and it broke us apart.

He is a very kind and outgoing Cuban photographer who loves the nightlife.

He taught me to live a little more, to smile more often, and to dance.

I’ve been on dates with 12 different people in my life. We were at a work party a few weeks later when he kissed me.

We separated on good terms and he is now dating the high school best friend. He dated my close friend who was living abroad at the time, but they broke up while she was gone.

He’s a very smart and talented designer with a laugh that’s equally embarrassing as mine.

We separated after college, and have since stayed good friends. We became very close when I moved to New York City.

We moved in together only a few months after we started seeing each other.

It was those intense dark eyes and his cerebral mind.

One day I stumbled across an interview he did with the BBC, and I fell in love with him before we even met.

We made illustrations and wrote out memories based on past relationships or people we’ve dated while eating ginger cookies and egg pastries. Getting your exes out of your head and onto paper is surprisingly therapeutic. Yes, I learned that he’s been on dates with over 65 girls. I liked him, but I didn’t want to compromise my friendship with my girlfriend, so nothing more happened. He kept asking me out over email after we featured him in a design magazine I worked for.

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