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FCOM claims that she re-gained ‘far too much weight’ in 2011 for them to continue using her as a brand ambassador - which followed a guest appearance she made that same year on The Biggest Loser where she weighed in at 161lbs, a full 22lbs heavier than in 2009. Everything is so creative and wonderful and just like how can you have so many ideas??? I've played every single one multiple times and I've played all through the xolga and mr. You are really talented, and I would love to see more of your work and indulge in more of your stories.

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Dating a player tara

I've always had a thing for heartbreaking stories, and my goodness Amy... I'll do at least 50 pushups now wait, that's besides the point. Number Days Sim Date info EDIT: The game is available to play now. That place doesn't have to be quiet, it can be a huge city bursting with life and sound!

you're a pro at making me feel strong emotions towards your characters! Places won't only inspire you, but so will situations. Just like a place, these situations don't have to be happy or very community-like.

I have a feeling that this one will be a massive heart breaker, so I'm pretty upset about coming back after 2 years and seeing it's still not up :/ If your reading this Amy (or a friend of hers) please pass on the message that there are countless people cheering you on for your grand finale!!! Taking a walk around your city or even you neighborhood can inspire you. Sometimes bad situations can inspire artist's/writer's to express their feelings through art or writing.

I hope you're still out there in the world and not dead, and I hope whatever you're doing, you're happy. But if now you are happy with what your doing somewhere outside of deviant art,over the rainbow for all i know. We will wait forever we will look forward to your games,and we will love every second of older games we will replay them a thousand times as we wait.

Your stories have helped me through many hard times throughout these last four years. I know you may never read this but,be you,do what you want to do. Ooh, this sounds really interesting, especially since I've always been fascinated with space and science fiction and the like.

Thank you.2 years.2 years ago i realized you were making another dating sim.2 years ago i was so happy,i loved the idea of space and all that jazz. If you've moved on from your dating-sim-creating days, then that's totally fine.Interests and hobbies change every day, and if you've moved on, then you've moved on, and I accept that.(Which, frankly, more people in this comments section should, because some of them don't realize that they're telling a person they don't know to make games for them for no profit.) But as someone who probably never would have played dating sims/otome games (other than Fire Emblem Awakening) if it hadn't been for that summer night when I found Chrono Days on Newgrounds (and promptly fell in love with Landon and Oz), know that you were pretty much my gateway drug to a genre of video game this gamer never really considered seriously. Release date: December 2012 (You may be wonde Project Educate: Fight Artist's/Writer's Block Artist/Writer's block is the worst nightmare for writers and artists! Writer's/Artist's block is usually only temporary, but it can be long too!I love your work a good deal, and will happily look forward to this incredibly awesome-sounding game (because I'm admittedly a fairly selfish person who loves high-quality games that I don't have to pay for) if it's still in progress. My college experience so far and the people I've gotten to know within the past couple of months have given me some good inspiration. If you're grossed out by this option or if you're just simply a straight girl with no desire to explore, you can avoid all the romantic situations by ignoring her this also applies to any dudes that gross you out.)EDIT: I finally have a release date for Number Days! Here are some ways to fight writer's/artist's block!If not, then I'll just hold your characters dear to my heart and be happy with how much enjoyment you've provided me. (Oh, and if it's unfinished because you're dead, trust me, many people will be heading to the constellations to find you.)J'trouve ça nul de nous dire qu'un jeu super cool va être fait et au final, après environs 3 ans, toujours aucune nouvelle de jeu. This is *cough* I mean *cough* Number Days Sim Date. I promise you, there is very little to no math involved in this game So why does this dating simulation have a weird title? Find a place or situation that inspires you: Yes, you've all probably heard this a lot of times, but it's true.Ok this is not her job mais si elle avait pas le temps de faire ce jeu, elle avait qu'a pas nous le présenter. I get it that Amy is moving along in life, in fact I love hearing that: but I'm looking forward to this game so damn much! Finding places that you like can inspire you to do more art/writing!


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  2. For the most part I act like I have my own thing going on and everything is fine. I’ve addressed the issue once before and he listened, but had no idea anything was even wrong. It kills me that he was more involved in my life when we lived 1500 miles apart.

  3. Seated nearby were Hong Kong shipping tycoon Sir Y. Pao, the “Onassis of the Orient”; Japanese mogul Akio Morita, the silver-maned founder of Sony; and the Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist Norman Mailer.

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  6. Earlier that year he published his autobiography, The Never, Um...

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