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But alas, you crave the man who is cocky, self-absorbed and tone-deaf to your needs.Do you repeatedly fall for men who are emotionally unavailable, non-committal or abusive?

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Women want a man, but not just any 'ol man, but one who is extremely confident, extremely strong, extremely powerful, extremely SHIT-TOGETHER FELLA!

You know he’s bad for you—but you can’t resist his uber-charm, good looks and aggressive libido.

Bad boys are often good-looking, nonconventional, spontaneous and they draw you in with their coolness.

They woo you with their confidence, uber-charm and flattery. You desire him because of the capricious emotional tension—a clear sign that you should run in the other direction.

They win your heart with sad stories from their childhood or a woman who mistreated or betrayed him. In the beginning your relationship with your bad boy is unbelievably great.

He’s provocative, adventurous and he makes your life exciting.

He romances you, he gushes over you and he makes you feel special.

He’s a pro in the bedroom and you get hooked on the intense sex he gives you and you label these feelings as “being in love.” But predictably, your bad boy turns out to be self-absorbed, manipulative, unfaithful, unattainable and often emotionally abusive.

Your relationship with him is a roller-coaster of euphoria, disappointments and heartbreak. John Gray, you should develop a relationship using logic and reasoning, moving to your heart and ultimately an intimate sexual connection.


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