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Helped by the huge success of Civil War (which has now grossed almost 2 million worldwide), the combined box office for all of the MCU films has now broken the billion mark.

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The real-life Colonia Dignidad was a pseudo-religious community that had ties to Nazi exiles, and as trailer as the front to the so-called religious organization, Schäfer was a real-life figure who fled his native country over counts of sexual abuse to minors and then created the creepy all-Germans colony just outside of Santiago, Chile.

Captain America: Civil War is arguably the most outstanding movie the Marvel Cinematic Universe has produced.

The highly polished ensemble offering ushered in Phase Three of the MCU, while simultaneously showcasing the rich complexity of its existing characters, carefully constructed since its inception in 2008.

, Watson plays Lena in the film, a young woman who must join a cult to find her partner, Daniel (Brühl), after he has been taken away by the Chilean government.

She joins Colonia Dignidad (Dignity Colony), a terrifying place that housed torture during the early 1970s dictatorship in the South American country.

Following Daniel's trail after he was taken by the new government, Lena reaches Colonia Dignidad, where things get increasingly complicated as it turns out it's easier to get into the terrifying cult than it is to get out of it.During her time, she must hide her ties to the prisoner, as the two attempt to escape Colonia Dignidad through a system of tunnels.It's quite a feat then for one character to stand out in a narrative saturated with the MCU's most beloved, even more so when that character is making his live-action debut.Chadwick Boseman illustrated with his portrayal of T'Challa that the future is bright for superheroes, with a good two years to spare until the solo Black Panther movie release date.Marvel has undoubtedly changed the superhero landscape, producing what feels like a nonstop stream of successful movies, all within its collective universe.Iron Man (2008) was the first of 13 installments so far, with each individual component sharing a collaborative, overarching narrative.

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