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One of the great milestones of organ tablature (considered the first printed German organ music), where pitches are expressed in letter notation with rhythmic signs above them. L’arte was written for Antegnati’s youngest son who became the helper of his father, the celebrated organ maker.

A remarkable book printed with metal-block, considered the first organ tablatures to be printed in Italy.

The 1st, 3rd, 4th and 6th concerto may be played with 2 German flutes and the 2nd and 5th with oboes and bassoons.

$64 [item no.8453] La Musique Française Classique de 1650 à 1800, 159 Courlay, 2005.

Airs for voice with basso continuo, “accompanied with all the ornaments which may facilitate a stylish performance”.

The music section is preceded by instructions on playing the organ. $63 [item no.8645] Bibliotheca Musica Bononiensis, IV/44.

Most of the pieces in the collection are from vocal originals.

“Instrument” as used in the title, includes “positive, regal, virginal, clavichord, clavicembalo, harpsichord and the like”. Lists 145 organs the master had built up to that time.

Amerbach arranged the contents of this book into five progressively more difficult categories, ranging from pieces with little or no coloration, to highly decorated pieces. Contains, in the form of a dialogue, the history of the Antegnati family, requirements of the church organ, methods of voicing, registration, and descriptions of several Antegnati organs. ) [item no.810] Bibliotheca Musica Bononiensis, IV/42.

Rich with woodcut illustrations and examples in Gothic and German lute tablature. Handsome binding with orange cloth boards, gold lettering and pasted illustration by Laura Albéniz (from the first edition of Iberia, Paris, 1906-7).

[Bayerische Staatsbibl., Munich & Bibliothek des Alten Gymnasiums, Flenburg]. Musica instrumentalis was the second of its type (following Virdung’s Musica getuscht, 1511). This collection of 12 movements, a masterpiece of the piano repertoire composed in 19, evince the technical heights of the postromantic piano.

Im Anhang: Musica instrumentalis deudsch (1529); Musica choralis deudsch (1533); Rudimenta musices (1539). Line-cut of 4 of Agricola’s most famous treatises written in German. Color facsimile of the working (and final) autograph copy now dispersed among four libraries. ) [item no.7163] Faksimile-Edition Kremsmünster, 21.

Deals with chordal and single-line improvisation from a basso continuo and makes an important distinction between “fundamental” and “ornamental” instrumental classes. [item no.2415] Musica figuralis deudsch (1532).


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