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Most conspicuous during this festival is a Halloween-style mummery performed by local young men who wear colourful masks and dress in strange robes of patchwork rags, to enact the part of fearsome ghosts.

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Western visitors to Thailand are immediately impressed by the striking manifestations they see of Buddhism in the kingdom.

They generally visit some brilliantly decorated Buddhist temples, and in the early morning may witness shop owners and housewives along the streets offering food, placing it in the alms bowls of a line of passing monks.

In their guidebooks they usually read about some basic Buddhist teachings, such as the wisdom that all suffering results from greed and craving, the concept of the Middle Way, and about the Law of Karma.

They soon realize that Buddhism touches almost all aspects of Thai society and, consequently, they are inclined to interpret everything ‘Thai’ they observe as, somehow, an expression of the Buddhist philosophy.

In reality, Thai religious and social life involve much more than the teachings of the Buddha, and include ancestor, spirit and other ‘animistic’ cults, as well as the worship of numerous Brahmanic and Chinese deities, legendary kings and charismatic monks.

These elements are mostly completely integrated, and where not, they co-exist peacefully.

Such religious syncretism is actually more widespread than an exclusive and strict adherence to the Buddhist precepts and philosophy.

Furthermore, a variety of activities may take the guise of Buddhism.


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