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25-year-old Calum Mc Swiggan is an openly gay You Tube video blogger who recently made headlines with an apology for his porn past.The almost 7 minute video starts out with the following statements: Via You Tube Today I want to talk about something that I’ve kept from you guys for 6 years.It’s something that I’ve kept from my friends and family until recently, and something that I’ve hidden from pretty much the whole world.

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Mc Swiggan says that people have been trying to blackmail him with his seedy Internet past, and that even though he might lose followers and friends, it's important that he come clean once and for all.

Everything about this is fine, except for the fact that Calum already spoke about his porn past in a previous video on You Tube titled "I Used to be a Porn Star." Feeling pretty good about throwing around that "star" word, isn't he.

Check out the 2013 video below, and head to the part right after he slaps his face with a dildo: Aside from this previous transparency about an involvement with porn that has somehow been forgotten, Calum's new apology, which he released in partnership with Buzzfeed, demonstrates little accountability (he was 19, not a braindead sea cucumber) and is full of one liners that feel like they were lifted right out of "The Berenstain Bears."While I empathize with 19-year-old decision making I don't think it's fair, or even relevant to whatever case he's making, to villainize the porn industry as a whole.

Something that's touched on in the Buzzfeed article is the discrepancy between Calum's safe sex advocacy and his previous bareback work. Let's talk about making forward-thinking decisions. With a horny young fan base, let's not terrorize everyone with sweeping generalizations about the evils of porn as a whole.



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