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(pm) 1/16/2015: Hired a divorce lawyer (pricey) but he's known to do excellent work. It's tempting to have sex, my soon to be ex-wife is trying extra hard to seduce me tonight for some reason.She's either super horny or is trying to get me to have sex with her as a form of infidelity forgiveness.(pm) 1/16/2015: Godd*mmit she's on her phone texting again in the bathroom. (pm) 1/16/2015: She went to bed, I'm sitting here watching TV on my laptop.

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Different people cope with grief and betrayal in different ways, but one Redditor decided to make the events of his wife's affair very public.

He began a thread on Reddit when he first discovered incriminating text messages on his wife's phone, and then continued to chronicle the events as they unfolded.

After hiring a private investigator to follow his wife and sister-in-law on their "girls" weekend, the poster discovered that his brother's wife was also in on the elaborate affair.

I went to have sex with her but I'll control myself. Jenny and Carly are heading on their "weekend trip" today at 12pm.

Despite what she did being unforgivable, she's still beautiful on the outside. She'll have some breakfast, Carly will swing by here, and they'll take Jenny's car and head off.(pm) 1/16/2015: Heading to bed, I'll update some more tomorrow after getting up. The PI will be tailing them all day, I'm excited to see what he finds.You seriously have to read his shocking updates leading up to the most recent climax all the way through — it's like watching a soap opera, but sadly, it's this man's real life unraveling.(pm) 1/16/2015: Private Investigator hired to tail her Saturday, Sunday and Monday (pm) 1/16/2015: It took a while, but passwords to everything changed, backed up personal info, created throwaway email to send proof to.(pm) 1/16/2015: She's home, It really sucks speaking to her normally, but I'm dealing with it. Also, I've found 3 excellent divorce lawyers for myself.Luckily I make much more than her so I can afford an excellent lawyer while she can only afford a mediocre one at best.

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