Being too picky in dating

When you’re single, there’s almost nothing more irritating than well-meaning people who think they know exactly why you’re on your own.In fact, the only thing more annoying might be when you actually start to believe what they’re saying.

Letting your (fabulous) freak flag fly instead of hiding it is a great way to find someone who’s into every part of you, no matter how eccentric.

You’re not directionless, you’re ~finding yourself~. As long as you’re motivated to figure out your dreams, the right person will want to come along for the ride.

Possessiveness isn’t good when it comes to another person, but when it comes to chocolate mousse? (Stabbing someone’s hand with your fork when they want to try some is not OK, though.) Don’t worry that not always being the picture of health and fitness “sends the wrong message,” because first of all, indulging While dating apps can be a clutch way to meet people, there’s nothing wrong with you if they aren’t your thing.

The right person won’t care if you have sex when you feel like it. Basically, whatever you do or don’t feel comfortable doing sexually is not why you’re single.

If someone freaks out over it, consider it an easy way to weed them out. Having physical “flaws” is a prerequisite for being a human, period.

Fill your head with more pressing concerns, like which underwear makes you feel like the sexiest person to step foot on this planet.

Figure it out, then wear that whenever you’re doubting how hot you are.

Pretty much everyone is emotionally damaged in some way.

If you can make it through this screwed-up world—filled with romantic rejection and those Sarah Mc Lachlan ASPCA commercials—without a few internal scars, I salute you.


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