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You may find the behavior vulgar and disgusting, but it was done to amuse, to entertain, to get a laugh.” In an odd twist, Don Vito wasn’t sent to jail after he was found guilty of two counts sexual assault on a child.

But the prosecutor offered an all-too-real, and therefore much more depressing, account of that event.

“This man was out of control during this public event,” prosecutor Jim Stanley said.

“He was so intoxicated that he peed his pants while with these children.” Oddly, Don Vito’s lawyer argued that the fans only got what they paid for.

Speaking about Don Vito as if he was a character and not a real person, Pamela Mackey said at the time that everyone had come to see the crazy, outrageous, profane uncle that day. Fans expected to see Don Vito, not Vincent Margera…

Don Vito pretty much disappeared after that, except for Bam’s mention of him in 2012 after his uncle was the subject of a civil suit, which hinted at where the former star had ended up.

After confirming his death, April took a moment to redeem Don Vito a bit, mentioning that the reality TV star said on his death bed last week that he never touched those girls in Colorado.He also said “that he wanted everyone to know it was a good ride.squad, you either felt sorry for the obese, apparently slow and almost always drunk Don Vito Margera or you thought he was hilarious.The perpetually confused Don Vito was the subject of frequent and humiliating pranks by his famous nephew, Bam Margera, whose abuse was the cornerstone of his post- added). at Chester County Hospital in West Chester, Pennsylvania.” Bam Margera didn’t comment on his uncle’s death, but Johnny Knoxville — who turned asinine but no less comical pranks into an acting career — offered his condolences on Twitter.Don Vito woke up from the coma, but his health continued to decline afterward. made note of this scandal and the strange punishment that resulted.At an autograph signing in Lakewood, Colorado, in 2006, the unlikely star — whose real name is Vincent, hence the nickname “Don Vito” — was arrested for allegedly groping two girls. While Don Vito was rarely on his best behavior on screen, somehow that persona seemed fabricated — he was, after all, part of a reality show that may well have been scripted.

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