Avoid dating altogether

It is as if once the vision for their life was taking shape, that is when they decided it was the right time.INTJs seek to future-proof everything in their lives.A preference for closure and finality entails that when an INTJ settles down, they are settled.

dedicated to their work) might struggle understanding the social nuances of relationships altogether.

Appearing clueless and subsequently taken for a ride. As I have personally experienced multiple times, the INTJ is so future-oriented that if they determine a woman or interest to not match their long-term vision there is a strong chance they will avoid progressing the interaction. I have rebuffed women in the past for the most inconsequential things.

Truthfully, I was hiding behind these excuses to avoid vulnerability. The INTJ by default prefers to spend time on their own. I find myself pouring hours and hours into reading and writing, studying online and exercising in my own mental space.

With a singular vision towards the future, a clear preference for efficient time investment and in-born introversion an INTJ might be reluctant, skeptical or choose to avoid dating altogether. When they select a partner in their mind, it is a fixed commitment.

Of all of the types an INTJ might be one of the more romantic.

There is only committed or uninterested and seldom a middle ground.

In studying the male INTJs I know, all of them met their life partner later in life, after the full force of their individual vision had come to the fore.

I’d rather skip the adverts and get down to business.

There are a number of reasons why the INTJ type struggles in dating, each feeding into the next.

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