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Meet hundreds and thousands of attractive, fun and single men and women from India.

These free dating sites in India allow you to interact, chat or share pictures with the Indian singletons.

Whether you are looking for casual chatting, dating or serious relationships you can surely give these dating websites a try.

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Cupid is another noteworthy absolutely free online dating site with a very unique feature to offer.

Unlike other dating websites, where in one looks for a potential date with the help of photo galleries, instant messaging or other search functions, cupid offers a cool “Quick Match” feature.

This features determines as to who matches most closely with your persona.

Match is one of the oldest online dating sites; it has many unique features which you would not find on any other dating website.

You can even choose the city of your preference and find young people from that city.

The best part is that these free dating sites are 100 percent free. Besides there are various interest groups as well on these dating websites, you can opt for any of the interest groups as per your choice and meet like minded people. Just login and you are all set on your way to find a like-minded partner. The best part about this website that you can setup specifications for contact.Mingle2 is a one of the most popular online dating sites in India. This way, people of a certain age, gender and particular geographical location will contact you.Moreover, you have a lot of active message forums on Mingle2.Platinum allows you to avail the services of a professional match maker.Match Find Bind will help you prepare about online dating.All these features are available at a very minimal cost.


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