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While it is important to understand that everything in life is a natural progression, we must also acknowledge the reality that the human species has the ability to drastically slow and paralyze progress, through social structures which are out of date, dogmatic, and hence out of line with nature itself.The world you see today, full of war, corruption, elitism, pollution, poverty, epidemic disease, human rights abuses, inequality and crime is the result of this paralysis.

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The Zeitgeist Movement is not a political movement.

It does not recognize nations, governments, races, religions, creeds or class.

Our understandings conclude that these are false, outdated distinctions which are far from positive factors for true collective human growth and potential.

Their basis is in power division and stratification, not unity and equality, which is our goal.

While this path does exist, it is unfortunately hindered and not recognized by the great majority of humans, who continue to perpetuate outdated and hence degenerative modes of conduct and association.

' where rowid = :x', 14 dbms_sql.native ); 15 dbms_sql.bind_variable( l_cursor, ':x', p_rowid ); 16 17 dbms_sql.define_column_long(l_cursor, 1); 18 l_n := dbms_sql.execute(l_cursor); 19 20 if (dbms_sql.fetch_rows(l_cursor)0) 21 then 22 dbms_sql.column_value_long(l_cursor, 1, l_buflen, l_curpos , 23 l_long_val, l_long_len ); 24 end if; 25 dbms_sql.close_cursor(l_cursor); 26 return l_long_val; 27 end getlong; 28 / Function created. WORLD select getlong('T', 'X', rowid) from t; GETLONG('T','X', ROWID) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- **************************************************..... I just wanted to know why this failed in PURE SQL while it worked in PL/SQL loop.... Type ----------------------------------------------------- ----- T_NUMBER NOT NULL CHAR(13) USER_COMMENT LONG In a stored Proc I implemented like.i just wrote a function like // create or replace function getlong1( p_rowid in rowid) return varchar2 as l_data long; begin select remarks into l_data from cr_claimheader where rowid = p_rowid; return substr( l_data, 1, 4000 ); end; // to get the first 4000 chars of remarks i am calling this function like // select getlong1(rowid) from cr_claimheader where headersrno = 4005 // Fine, this is working fine when i have the data with less than 4000 chars. suppose if the length of data increase means, it returns just null... select * from t2; X ---------- Y -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 abcde When I am doing a Select-Insert, the datatype conversion gives an error but when i am using values clause, it works fine... Tom, I have a table which was created with a long column and has around 1 M records in it... In this process, I am saving the data into temp table with varchar2 column and modifying the main table. procedure sp_xx(in_c TNo IN NUMBER, l_var OUT VARCHAR2) IS select sf_pc_cmt_FNC(in_c TNo) into l_var from t_comment; end; the function "sf_pc_cmt_FNC" is exactly look like the code snippet you provided.But when I implemented this snippent, My client refused to accept this. " I think that there is a misunderstand information for " item #10: Use Oracle Packages and functions for generalized common routines frequently executed" in the Guideline for Oracle Database Application Development for PL/SQL Stored Procedures document.


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